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Pockets and All-in-Ones

This style of diaper most resembles a disposable diaper.  There is an outer waterproof layer and a inner soft fabric layer.  The least expensive of the two are pockets, where you insert an absorbent pad between the two layers.  An all-in-one has the pads connected to the diaper and do not require stuffing.  This style is usually more expensive.  You may read online that diapers from China are not as good and do not compare to name brand diapers.  Often these blogs are sponsored by said name brand companies who are only looking out for their bottom line.  If you are on a budget spending $25-30 a diaper is too much.  Don't be afraid to look into more affordable brands such as Alva or Happy Flute.  Depending on where you purchase them they can be bought for $5-15.  Also they are very durable and have outlasted the name brand diapers that I have.  Not to mention that most of these American diapers are made overseas and just have a label with their company logo.  Click on the photo for a quick video.

Diaper Covers

These are very similar to pocket diapers in shape and style.  The main difference is that there in no inside layer.  All you have is the waterproof shell.  This is a very economical way to cloth diaper.  Unlike pockets and all-in-ones you do not have to change the shell every time.  Thus cutting down on how many you need to purchase and wash.  They can be stuffed with many affordable options which are covered below.  Click photo for a quick video.  ****This video is brand specific but it provides a very good tutorial of how to stuff a diaper cover.

T-Shirt Diapers

This probably the most affordable way to cloth diaper.  100% Cotton t-shirts are very absorbent and make great diapers.  And the best part is you probably have several old t-shirts laying around which equals FREE!  Now the t-shirt will still need a cover as mentioned above to make it waterproof.  Click photo for a quick video.  ***This video mentions the use of a snappi which hold the diaper in place, but you do not need too use this


When most people think of a cloth diapers a prefold is usually what comes to mind.  Its the traditional cloth diaper of the old days.  But it still works just as good as the new designs.  They can be folded numerous ways for the perfect fit.  They are also very inexpensive, running about $20 a dozen.  They can be worn traditionally or folded and stuffed into a pocket or a cover.  Please take note natural fiber diapers must be prewashed and dried on high or prepped before use  Click photo for a quick video.

Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels function pretty much the same as prefolds.  The advantages to this would be price and that they are easier for some people to fold.  FST run about half the price of prefolds and are more readily available.  They can be found at your local Walmart.  Or you could 100% cotton FST fabric at Joann Fabric, get the coupon from their website and save even more money.  Like all natural fiber diapers they must be 'prepped' or washed and dried several times before the first use to get maximum absorbency.  Click the photo for a quick video.  ** Watch the receiving blanket video for another folding style.

Receiving Blankets

Yet another item laying around the house that can be used to diaper your child.  Yay FREE! Or they can be purchased for $1-2 a piece.  They function the same way as Flour Sack Towels and they have cute prints on them.  Click the photo for a quick video.  **The methods used in the FST video ans the receiving blanket video are interchange able.

Wool and Fleece Diaper covers

Sometimes things seem too good to be true.  When I heard you can use fleece blankets and old sweater as diaper cover I didn't believe it.  I have tried both and was pleasantly surprised.   Wool is very absorbent and doesn't need washed very often.  It is great for heavy wetters and for overnight.  Fleece works well but isn't as absorbent as wool.  So change fleece more often to keep your covers fresh and from getting leaks.  Again that word FREE pops up.  You may already have these items in your home.  Just make sure any sweater you use is at least 70% wool.  Click photo for a quick video.  ***This video specifically refers to fleece but wool cover can be made the same way.