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  • Cloth Diapers have high start-up costs.  FICTION:  Depending on the style or type of diaper you use cloth diapers can have a start-up cost as low as $25
  • Cloth Diapers are easy to use.  FACT: New styling and innovation have made cloth diapering just as easy to put on your baby as a disposable 
  • Cloth Diapers are better for your baby.  FACT:  It is a natural alternative to the harsh chemicals in disposable diapers that can lead to allergic reactions, rashes and toxic chemicals in landfills.
  • Cloth Diapers cause the user to have high water/energy consumption.  FICTION:  While water/energy costs vary most parents notice very little change if in any in their water bills.  Being organized and finding the right routine will help defray extra costs.  Also having more diapers cuts down on how often you wash.  I wash my diapers once a week and hang dry.  I have noticed no significant increase in either bill.  Check with local moms and get their feedback.  Also there are smaller and more convenient options that can be purchased for a reasonable price which reduce energy/water cost and allow you to wash diapers in you bathroom or nursery.
  • I have to be exclusive to the method I use.  FICTION:  Many moms use both cloth and disposables together.  Even using cloth part time can help cut down cost and can keep parents prepared when disposables run out.
  • Cloth diapering prevents the dreaded poop blow out.  FACT:  Because of the design and placement of elastic messy runny bowel movements are contained safely in the diaper and keep clothes clean.
  • You can save thousands by choosing to cloth diaper.  FACT:  Basic cloth diapering options can drastically reduce diapering cost.